The Growth of Green Investing Options

For those of us in this business, socially responsible investing has been on our radar screen for more than a decade, but it was still nice to see to see The Today Show feature the concept this morning.rank.png

They mentioned that there are more than 250 socially responsible mutual funds out there for people to choose from. They also explained that investors need to be diligent to spot the trends and changing performance. A good company today could face new challenges tomorrow.

Employees play a big role in making companies socially responsible. Our employees were proud to see that some of their fellow Intel Involved volunteers were featured in the segment making. ii.png

There are a lot of great companies in those funds that not only make good investments, but good green investments for the future.

2 Responses to The Growth of Green Investing Options

  1. Ron Robins says:

    It’s great to see Intel employees getting behind socially responsible investing.
    I’ve been following socially responsible investing for about forty years and readers interested in the subject might find my website useful. It covers the latest related global news and research. It’s at
    Best wishes, Ron Robins

  2. Dave Stangis says:

    Thanks for your comment Ron. It’s amazing to me how much the popular press drives these issues that people like you have working on your whole career.