3 Questions from Congresswoman, Zoe Lofgren

“What has your company done to pave the path toward going green?”

“How have your actions helped the greater community?”

“How has going green saved you money, jobs and improved lives?”

These are 3 questions I’ve been asked to answer at an event the Congresswoman is holding at the Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley Monday morning. Several other companies will also be participating – Google, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, Echelon, Adobe, Xilinx as well as the City of San Jose and the County of Santa Clara, CA.

While clearly weighted toward technology and California, I believe the answers apply to businesses everywhere. There is always a tendency at events like this for companies to come and rattle off the recent list of their environmental initiatives. Even we fall into that trap every once in a while.

But, what’s the real point here? Good companies have always had the environment or “green” as part of their business – whether in manufacturing, products or resource management. What’s different now is that the business of business is green in one way or another. Every decision that affects resources – personal, material or financial – is an opportunity to drive this new green business agenda.

I’m looking forward to learning from my colleagues that will be participating.

In other Intel CSR news, our CSR Communications Manager, Suzanne Fallender is off to Boston to attend the CERES Conference (Intel is a Sponsor) and speak at the upcoming SIRAN (Social Investment Research Analysts Network) Spring Symposium on May 1st. Suzanne will be speaking candidly about our shareholder engagement process.

While Gary Niekerk, our CSR Operations Manager heads to San Francisco to speak at the “Achieving Corporate Sustainability: Beyond the Green Corporation” Conference. His topic is interesting and related to the general thread of this post – Communicating Sustainability In A “Green World”: A Case Study Of New Opportunity Or Risk?

I actually wish I could be in 3 places at once, but technology hasn’t gotten that far yet. I’m also still looking for your input to my last post – Two Questions.

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