Announcing the 2008 Intel Science Talent Search winners!

ISTS comes to a close with the announcement of the three winners. Scroll down for audio and video podcasts of the competition.

First place winner: Shivani Sud from Durham, NC. She developed a “50-gene model” which uses gene expression to link multiple genetic events that characterize various tumor types to more accurately predict the recurrence of colon cancer.

Second place winner: Graham Van Schaik from Columbia, SC. His research project confirmed that realistic exposure to pyrethroids promotes cellular proliferation in human breast cells, an indication of cancer, and neurite retraction in rat PC12 neurons, a sign of a neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s.

Third place winner: Brian McCarthy from Hillsboro, OR. He used plant-like photosynthetic materials found in nature to synthesize extremely thin, fragile films for potential use as solar cells and tested them using scanning electron microscopy techniques.

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