Technology with the Environment in Mind

This is the title of our most recent Intel Technology Journal, a quarterly online publication that discusses R&D and technology trends at Intel. The February issue highlights a few of our environmental initiatives from products and manufacturing to an interesting article on green homeowners and sustainable living. Give it a quick look and would welcome your impressions.

In addition to the articles, there is a pod cast from one of our most senior environmental professionals. His thoughts on Intel’s environmental roots and culture from his 25 years at the company are worth a quick listen. After you’re done, drop us a line with your thoughts. We certainly do not have all the answers, but like many, we believe opportunities exist to both further reduce our environmental footprint and to use technology to help address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our day.

2 Responses to Technology with the Environment in Mind

  1. Sam Tilston says:

    Very interesting publication. I think there are applications for technology to help save the environment. Power saving, which gets better with each intel product release.