Laid up in Shanghai

I know, it’s been a long time since I last posted. In December, I promised to blog about a project developing in Chengdu, China. As fates would have it, that trip was postponed…until right now. I writing while stranded in the Pudong Airport in Shanghai (it’s Monday, 1 a.m. here, Sunday back in the states). So while the communiqué I promised begins with this post, I don’t have much to say about it other than my travel plans went woefully awry.

There’s background on this project posted on the ComSol external web, so you can get the full details there, the point of my trip is to support my colleagues in Chengdu as they launch an ambitious reemployment and economic development plan to support farmers displaced from their land as a result of rapid globalization.

How does Intel technology play a role in that? Good question. Technology’s central to but only part of the solution. At the center of the solution is One Global Economy’s community development model built around stakeholder engagement and tailored to the farmers’ needs. With support from local government and Chengdu community leaders this plan has a good chance of success. Should the Chinese agree and choose to fund the proposal, we’ll be on the way and I’ll have lots more to say about this project. I’ll write more about this project as the week goes on.

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