From Hillsboro to Dalian

The Oregonian published a story last weekend that takes an in-depth look at Intel’s technology, how it’s used, and how the innovations that are born in our Fabs and R&D facilities in Oregon materialize around the world. Dalianfab.jpg

Rich Reed, a reporter for the Oregonian, has added to his series by taking a look at the way Intel’s culture, including our attention to health and safety, is already having an impact in Dalian.

The full series can be found here.

The most recent story, Intel Opens Doors in China is here.

The series also features a video of Dalian and some really nice graphics that detail recent changes in our technology and how those chips are used in the marketplace.

I think they’ve done a good job of explaining and showing some of the complexities of modern chip manufacturing.

2 Responses to From Hillsboro to Dalian

  1. Stefan says:

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  2. Simon says:

    Hi, Dave, I am a Dalian native and currently I am working in the U.S. I have been studying and working here for nearly 10 years. I am considering to relocate back to China, my hometown Dalian is on top of the list of cities I am interested in. I found your blog when I was researching on Fab68 Dalian on the Internet. Do you know if there’s any job opportunity there and if possible, can you point me to someone who might know? Thanks very much.

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