Making technology with a mind towards the environment

My colleague Todd Brady, Intel’s Corporate Environmental manager did a good job of summarizing some of Intel’s latest efforts to reduce the impact of our products and operations on the environment. Listen to the pod cast.

One Response to Making technology with a mind towards the environment

  1. Brandon Clinger says:

    This is great stuff, I am a strong believer in being as green as possible. Energy efficiency is extremely important to me as well. That is why I bought your competitors chip, the AMD Athlon x2 vs your Pentium D. Now you have Core 2 duo which completely blows those two away as far as performance per watt…depressing really as soon as I buy something it is so outdated and last year, if I had the funds I’d go core 2 duo. But anyways, I’m glad to see Intel get rid of lead, it will be less poisons in our house, less poisons in the landfill, less from the factories of Intel. I find solutions to these problems so interesting. The work in engineering that goes into it must be fun and challenging. Finding a new substance for the high-k gate certainly was no easy task. Hopefully I get the chance to intern at Intel sometime! Keep up the good work and continue to be as green as you can be, it is a good thing and people do notice!