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Set Yourself up for Success this School Year with an Intel Core-powered Laptop

Are you back at school, but without a computer that can keep up with your everyday needs? Completing research papers, storing and editing photos and videos, surfing online and staying in touch with family and friends via email and various social media channels and video services, streaming your favorite music, playing games and watching movies… […] Read more >

Visibly Smart: Build a wave machine using duct tape, kebab sticks, and jelly babies

I never took physics in high school or college (I majored in English.). However, take a look at this wave machine video by the National STEM Center and the Institute of Physics, Alom Shaha. It’s both creative and technical…or visibly smart! I can see how doing it with kids in a classroom would be a […] Read more >

Visibly Smart Tour: 27 days, 4 Cities, and Butts in Seats

“Butts in seats” is car salesperson lingo for customer test drives. Translation: You as a customer can do all the research in the world and go kick tires in a dealer lot, but it’s when you get behind the wheel (when your butt is in the car seat) that the light bulb of understanding truly […] Read more >

Visibly Smart: Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats

Have you seen this video? Hans Rosling animates data in real space. It’s a visually stunning display of stats whether or not you’re interested in health and wealth stats of people from 200 countries. Watching it made me wish that more business slide decks were re-considered and produced in this manner. Rosling recognizes that he […] Read more >