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#IDF2011 Recap Days 1 and 2: Video highlights

Below are video recaps from Day 1 and Day 2 from IDF. Some highlights from the video and Paul Otellini’s keynote: Over 14M developers have harnessed the power of Intel architecture to create the largest install base of consumer and commercial applications. The device is important, but the experience is more so. At Intel, we’re […] Read more >

IBC 2011: Smart TV Q&A with iomega’s Olivier D’Eternod

I’ve spent much of the last week in Amsterdam, at IBC 2011, where we were showcasing the latest Intel®-based smart TV solutions.  One of these was the only-just-launched Iomega® TV with Boxee and I managed to catch-up with the company’s Head of Product Marketing for EMEA, Olivier D’Eternod. Paul: What is it about iomega TV […] Read more >

How To Stream Video From Your Laptop to HDTV

If you’re like me, you keep getting those Cable TV or satellite TV bills and wondering why you keep spending money when there’s so much terrific content available on the Internet for free or very little cost. Between Hulu, YouTube and a streaming-only subscription to Netflix, for $10/mo you have access to thousands of movies […] Read more >

Our Children’s World Is Magical

(This post, originally published at, was inspired by my recent trip to Intel’s Santa Clara Headquarters for their annual “Upgrade Your Life” Experience…) “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” – Arthur C. Clarke Of all the wonderful words that Clarke wrote, few have been as powerful and prescient as his frequently cited […] Read more >

Visibly Smart Tour: 27 days, 4 Cities, and Butts in Seats

“Butts in seats” is car salesperson lingo for customer test drives. Translation: You as a customer can do all the research in the world and go kick tires in a dealer lot, but it’s when you get behind the wheel (when your butt is in the car seat) that the light bulb of understanding truly […] Read more >

Visibly Smart: Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats

Have you seen this video? Hans Rosling animates data in real space. It’s a visually stunning display of stats whether or not you’re interested in health and wealth stats of people from 200 countries. Watching it made me wish that more business slide decks were re-considered and produced in this manner. Rosling recognizes that he […] Read more >