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Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Keynote CES 2012

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, opened his keynote at CES 2012 this evening with a fun video with soundbites from previous CES keynotes. Then, Ryan Seacrest took the stage to talk about what’s happening in the tech industry and for Microsoft along with Ballmer. Ballmer says Microsoft has an opportunity to raise their game across a […] Read more >

Happy 84th Birthday to Intel Co-founder Robert Noyce, the “Mayor of Silicon Valley”

  The microprocessor is often referred to as the “brains” inside your computer, and today we celebrate one of the brains behind the “brains” of your computer – Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel, was nicknamed the “Mayor of Silicon Valley” and would have been 84 years old today. We are reminded of Noyce’s intelligence and leadership as innovation […] Read more >

PC Tablets: The sleek form factor we love, with loads of performance and ready for the holidays!

I was lucky enough to test out the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC. This isn’t your everyday tablet that many have become accustomed to – it’s a slate PC! I have to admit, this is a really cool form factor, and it’s very portable and powerful! Be sure to add this to your Christmas wish list. Read more >

Retailers Ringing in the Holidays with Tech Innovations

When it comes to shopping today, consumers want the best of online and in-store experiences.   It’s no secret that many of us confer with our favorite online reviewers or product sites before ever setting foot in a store. And most of us have used a smart phone to look up product information and compare […] Read more >

If you are a gamer you are going to want one of these!

Remember these numbers; 3930K, 3960X and X79 because if you are a serious gamer and/or computer enthusiast into photo, video or music creation you are gonna want one. The 3930K and 3960X are the latest Intel 2nd Generation Core i7 processors being released today for the enthusiast, and X79 Express is the chipset that supports […] Read more >

The Stuff of Genius

Here in the UK the leaves are already turning brown and the nights are drawing in – a telltale sign that awards season is almost upon us. Over the next few months an ultraflock (that’s the collective noun) of gadget magazines will release their awards nominees and winners, celebrating everything from cameras and cars, to […] Read more >

Intel Extreme Masters; Taking Comic Con to the Extreme

The Global Challenge NY competition here at IEM Comic Con has been intense, the preliminary qualifiers have taken place and the finals have been set with WinFakt vs SK Gaming battling it out for the Counter Strike 1.6 championship, FruitDealer faces off against DongRaeGu in StarCraft II and fnatic goes up against SK Gaming for […] Read more >

Smart TV disrupts TV buying habits

For the first time ever, the age-old TV buying cycle is being disrupted, thanks primarily to new TV innovations and additional TV functions.  This is very exciting news indeed. German households are now buying a new TV set almost every six years, according to recent research from GfK.  Traditionally they purchased a new TV set […] Read more >

Set Yourself up for Success this School Year with an Intel Core-powered Laptop

Are you back at school, but without a computer that can keep up with your everyday needs? Completing research papers, storing and editing photos and videos, surfing online and staying in touch with family and friends via email and various social media channels and video services, streaming your favorite music, playing games and watching movies… […] Read more >

Increasing Your Facebook Privacy and Security

It’s easy to get so involved with your friends and family on Facebook that you never spend a few minutes checking to ensure that your account is set up to maximize both your privacy and security. The time to make these changes is before something bad happens, however, not afterward. Don’t think it’s a problem? […] Read more >