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Accessing Intel® Power Gadget 2.0 library in C++

With the release of Intel® Power Gadget 2.0 there is now externally callable API’s to extract power information within sections of code. The API layer is a set of libraries and dlls that can be called via C/C#/C++ or via JavaScript and offers the flexibility to build the tool within code sections of an application. […] Read more >

Ultrabooks are here and so is our new community!

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting developments in the tech world for 2011 was the introduction of the Ultrabook.  We put a reference design out there and OEMs took it and ran with it.  Most of the models that arrived were slim, sleek, powerful and yet power-efficient.  I brought one of the current […] Read more >

Open Parallel: Optimizing Web Performance with TBB

Open Parallel is a research and development company that focuses on parallel programming and multicore development. We are a bunch of highly skilled geeks from various backgrounds that work together on problems in parallel programming and software development for multicore and manycore platforms. At LinuxConf (LCA2010) James Reinders gave a talk about the Threading Building […] Read more >

Register for Intel(R) Technical Presentation "Modeling parallelism with Intel(R) Parallel Advisor" by Dr.Paul Petersen (Architect)

Paul Petersen, Architect for the Intel(R) Parallel Studio product suite, will be presenting on July 21st at 9am PDT on “Modeling Parallelism with Intel® Parallel Advisor”. Please register and attend. Read more >

Dynamic Resolution Rendering Sample Now Live

The Dynamic Resolution Rendering sample, first shown at the Games Developers Conference 2011 in San Francisco, has now gone live in time for games developers attending my Develop UK 2011 talk to check it out. This sample demonstrates a technique for balancing rendering quality and performance through altering the resolution at runtime. Download the sample […] Read more >

Gaming in Transition and Revolution: Pt 4 of 4

Part 4 of 4 (Innovation Changers) This will be my final installment on this blog topic titled: Gaming – in transition and revolution. To briefly recap the previous topics I first talked about the impact of Mobile. In my second installment I covered the changes and evolutions occurring in both formats and business models. In […] Read more >

Intel® Power Checker

The Intel® Power Checker provides a quick assessment about power-related parameters of an application when it is idle and when it processes a workload. The tool is also detects whether the application is power aware. Currently, the Intel® Power Checker runs only on a laptop/netbooks using Intel processors. Users can see the results immediately after […] Read more >

Register for Mark Davis’ presentation "Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 Shows Its Stuff on Duplo"

Mark Davis, Senior Principal Engineer for the Intel(R) Parallel Advisor 2011 product, will be presenting on June 22nd at 9am PDT on “Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 Shows Its Stuff on Duplo”. Please register and attend. Read more >