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Mobile Security from McAfee – Use it or Lose it!

Did you know that there are currently over 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide today? Mobile phones are quickly becoming our primary means to stay in touch, take pictures, shop, bank, listen to music, and socialize. We store personal and professional information on them, and because we use them for almost everything, they have […] Read more >

Employability and Lifetime Learning: Tips for the Social Media Averse

Since you’rve found your way to Inside Scoop you’re probably already social media savvy. This blog post is not necessarily for you, but maybe a friend, family member, someone you wished embraced social media more. I recently found myself on two instances defending the value of social media to professionals outside Intel: One a sales […] Read more >

Net Impact 2011 in Portland: How Many MBAs Does it Take to Build a Bike?

Intel has been a long-time sponsor of the annual Net Impact Conference, and personally, it’s one of my favorite sustainability conferences during the year, given the energy, the great questions, and unique mix of students and professionals. This year, the… Read more >

What does “hyper-transparency” mean for stakeholder engagement?

So, today I’m in San Francisco speaking in a panel session at the 2011 BSR Conference entitled “Sustainable Engagement in a Hypertransparent World.” Whew. That’s an intimidating title. And what does that even mean?? I was thinking about this more… Read more >