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My 5 Favorite New Intel® Software Development Product Features of 2011

It’s been a big year for us in the Intel Developer Products Division. We released Intel® Cluster Studio XE and Intel® Parallel Studio XE Service Pack 1. We continued to plan and design our products to provide support for the compute continuum. And of course we worked to grow our community of developers. Throughout the […] Read more >

Pipeline Speak: Learning More About Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge

As I’m sure you know, modern processors employ a technique called pipelining to increase instruction throughput. In a pipeline, various dedicated pieces of hardware on the processor each perform particular functions needed to process an instruction, on different instructions at the same time. For example, while one part of the pipeline is executing instruction A, […] Read more >

What we’ve been doing to make performance analysis easier on Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge

New Intel(R) Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge support and tuning guide! We’ve been listening to your feedback on software tuning. Specifically, we’ve been working to make it even easier for developers to analyze software performance on Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge. So now I’m really excited to tell you about the new Sandy Bridge: General Exploration […] Read more >