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Happy 84th Birthday to Intel Co-founder Robert Noyce, the “Mayor of Silicon Valley”

  The microprocessor is often referred to as the “brains” inside your computer, and today we celebrate one of the brains behind the “brains” of your computer – Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel, was nicknamed the “Mayor of Silicon Valley” and would have been 84 years old today. We are reminded of Noyce’s intelligence and leadership as innovation […] Read more >

Inspired by the Con: The Search for a Visibly Smart Halloween Costume

At the end of every Halloween I have grand ideas of how next year I will take the time construct a more creative and innovative costume.  Yet somehow, every year I seem to forget about Halloween until it is too late.  This year is no exception.  As I scanned my emails this morning, I realized […] Read more >

Intel Corporate Social Media Training…Remixed!

Corporate training is so very essential to be successful and responsible in our jobs, but is it grabbing and keeping our attention? I understand that we all have to be trained rock stars in our respective professions, but why does training have to put me to sleep at times? After five minutes, I’m either back to my work, […] Read more >