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12.2011: Intel(r) AMT Developer’s Most Wanted

From UNS,LMS, SOL/LMS/HECI Drivers, MEI Passwords to Clearing the CMOS,  I just ran across a list of our most popular forum threads and blogs and thought it might be good to highlight them.  Top 10 Forum Threads (for the last 13 Weeks) AMT Error Message “[UNS] Failed to subscribe to local Intel(R) AMT” lms service cannot connect to […] Read more >

Intel(r) AMT and the Intel(r) ME

The Intel® ME is the steam behind Intel Active Management Technology.  Intel AMT is a component of the Intel vPro platform. It uses a number of elements in the Intel vPro platform architecture. The following figure shows the relationship between these elements. The Intel AMT functionality is contained in the ME firmware (Manageability Engine Firmware). […] Read more >

The Keys to Intel vPro Technology: HECI-MEI-LMS-SOL-UNS

It seems that our Developers are spending a lot of time looking for information about HECI drivers.  With vPro being around for many years now (we are on our 7th revision going on 8) I was wondering if this piece of Active Management Technology  is still a puzzle to developers.  In the spirit of figuring […] Read more >

When the vPro Universe Collides with Other People and goes "Fractal"

This is one of those things in life that you probably don’t know what it is and why it is important until you need it.  If you are part of the “Other People” then you don’t care.  You should probably go find something else to read, in that case.  But let me just say, in […] Read more >