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GDC 2011: Philipp Gerasimov from Intel talks about Intel GPA

During Game Developers Conference Europe 2011 Intel’s Senior Application Engineer Philipp Gerasimov had his tech session where he talked about the gaming title Darkspore and how the developer’s team from Maxis was able to optimize their game running best on laptops. They achieved this by using Intel’s profiling and analyzing tool called Intel Graphics Performance […] Read more >

GDC 2011: Andrew Bowell talks about Havok’s rendering technoglogies

Here at Game Developers Conference Europe 2011 in Cologne, Germany, well-known software company Havok from Dublin, Ireland, is this years software partner at the Intel booth in the exhibition area. These smart guys show their latest and coolest stuff regarding different rendering and texturing techniques which are being implemented in a lot of current gaming […] Read more >

GDC 2011: Levent Akyil video chats about Sandy Bridge, AVX and Intel VTune Amplifier 2011 XE

Do you remember?! Levent Akyil held his tech session live at Game Developers Conference 2011 this morning and talked about the architectural improvements of Sandy Bridge, why developers should look closer at AVX and which hotspots and traps you as a developer can tap in when parallelizing new or existing code – whether you are […] Read more >

GDC 2011: Levent Akyil from Intel talks about "Hotspot Flops & Micro-Ops"

As I told you already Intel is silver sponsor of the GDC event in Cologne, Germany. Part of this sponsor package is a demo booth in the exhibition area (stand 150) and three lectures which address game developers who want to know more about Intel’s efforts regarding game development. After yesterdays’s tech session where Leigh […] Read more >

GDC 2011: What you should know about task based game engines

Here at Game Developers Conference Europe 2011 in Cologne, Germany, I’m not only talking to people about their favorite topics like morphological anti-aliasing, but also about important tech sessions which take place  at this biggest gaming event of Europe. The first session I attended was held by Leigh Davies, Intel fellow and game specialist. Leigh […] Read more >

GDC 2011: Leigh Davies from Intel talks about Morphological Anti-Aliasing

Well, here the first blog post live from Game Developers Conference Europe 2011. It’s all about Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA) which helps game developers to create better looking 3D gaming titles with less effort and less costs. The trick behind MLAA in comparison to standard Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA): after rendering a whole scene MLAA takes care […] Read more >

Game Developers Conference Europe 2011: these tech demos you will see at Intel booth 150

As you can read in my Wednesday’s and Thursday’s blog post Intel will sponsor the biggest European game developers conference – GDCE 2011 – which will start on Monday morning, in Cologne, Germany. As a part of this sponsporing package Intel will have three speaker slots (which I talked about already) and a demo booth […] Read more >

Game Developers Conference Europe 2011: Intel session about game optimizations using Intel GPA

As you learned in my yesterday’s blog post Intel will sponsor the Game Developers Conference Europe which will start next week in Cologne, Germany. Thousands of developers, IT professionals, game designer and other people who are involved in this huge gaming industry which is worth several billion dollars will be there . So – no […] Read more >

Game Developers Conference Europe 2011: more Intel session details

As you might know from our previous blog post Intel is going to attend Europe’s biggest developer’s conference, Game Developer Conference Europe (GDCE), which takes place from 15 to 17 of August, 2011, in Cologne, Germany. Intel is not only one of the big sponsors during GDCE but will also cover some hot topics regarding game […] Read more >