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Adam Beckett Experimental Film Artist, New Iota DVD and Interview with Pamela Turner

    Only recently has the west coast of the United States, particularly California, especially southern California received the credit it deserves for the long history of abstract and experimental film work that has gone on here. The Iota Center is a non profit organization that among other things preserves, archives and provides information about […] Read more >

Matt’s Top 10+ Technology Predictions for 2012

Hi everyone – It’s that time of year again where I speculate on what the big technology announcements and impacts are going to be for next year 2012. The lens I use for this are those things that will in some way have a profound short or long term impact, or implications, for the various […] Read more >

Register for Intel(R) Technical Presentation "Analysis of hybrid applications with the Intel(R) Cluster Studio XE 2012"

Gergana Slavova, Technical Consulting Engineer, will be presenting “Analysis of hybrid applications with the Intel(R) Cluster Studio XE 2012” on Dec 7th at 9am PDT. Please register! Read more >

Understanding Intel’s Android 4.0 x86 Optimizations- What AnandTech has explained

Last week, I attended Android Developer Conference ( AnDevConII) at San Francisco, and had chance to get shocked by Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) demoed by two Google senior Engineers Chet Haase and Romain Guy. The title of their keynote is “Android  Awesomeness”. It is indeed Awesomeness! Chet and Romain somehow figured out using […] Read more >

The Real Platform is now the Cloud – and has shifted away from devices

Am I stating the blatantly obvious here? (Probably). However; one my most recent assertions is that the devices (e.g. Consoles, PCs, Macs, etc) which used to historically be considered a “Platform” are far less so today. The real platform has become the Cloud and the Clouds associated services. As a result.. I’m going to be […] Read more >

Forget the Console, buy a Gaming PC!

This will be my tongue-in-cheek response to a ZDNET blog posting that can be found here: While the author brings up a few interesting discussion points; I’m not entirely convinced that it’s a fair assessment and here’s why. 1) Pricing: When the Xbox 360, and PS3 first released their real street price was no […] Read more >

Interview with Stewart McSherry of Xfrog and More

I have been using a program called Xfrog for more reasons than it has a great name. Many years ago I was told about it by several people, and one of them was Saty Raghavachary, a programmer and educator at DreamWorks Animation. I only regret it has taken me so many years to start using the […] Read more >

[Opinion] The sunk cost fallacy of Consoles and why they’ll likely die out as we know them today

Most people who know me know why I’m not a fan of Consoles; but I figured I should probably explain myself more fully to those who don’t. I’ll pitch my ‘metric-system’ concept for Gaming in a future post. Suffice it to say that my approach is based on the following line of thinking. First; imagine […] Read more >

Interview with Professor Souqun Lu: Open Source Software Innovation in China (Meego, Android and beyond)

Last month, China Computer World Magazine, IT168 (China top IT portal), Daily News of Communication Industry and China Software and Information Service Magazine, co-interviewed Professor Lu Shouqun on  open source software innovation status in China.  Professor Lu is chairman of China Open Source Software Promotion Union (COSSPU), and  honorary president of China Linux University Promotion […] Read more >

What do burgers & fries have to do with parallel programming?! Helping students learn how to ‘think in parallel"

There has been a great discussion on our LinkedIn group around examples that professors can use to teach the concept of parallelism at an abstract level. Here’ s a summary of the examples. (Join our LinkedIn group to access more discussions on teaching tips/parallel programming in undergrad education!) 1. Real-world examples       • Restaurants (quote below […] Read more >

Register for Intel(R) Technical Presentation "Using Intel(R) Inspector XE 2011 with Fortran Applications" by Jackson Marusarz (Technical Consulting Engineer)

Jackson Marusarz, Technical Consulting Engineer, will be presenting on Aug 17th at 9am PDT on “Using Intel(R) Inspector XE 2011 with Fortran Applications”. Please register and attend. Read more >