Well Folks, That’s a Wrap… Introducing Intel’s 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

After months of planning, writing, data checking (and rechecking, and rechecking…), this morning we released our latest Corporate Responsibility Report at Intel’s Annual Stockholder Meeting.  For those of you familiar with the process, putting together the report is a labor … Read more >

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Intel recognized at the FTSE4Good Sir Mervyn Pedelty Awards

Intel Vice President Christian Morales accepts the award on behalf of Intel.

Today, Intel was honored in a ceremony at the London Stock Exchange – one of four companies recognized by FTSE4Good with the newly created awards named in honor of the late Sir Mervyn Pedelty, former Chief Executive of the Co-operative Bank, and former Chair of the FTSE4Good Policy Committee. The awards were designed to recognize companies who set themselves apart through a clear demonstration of integrating environmental and social performance into corporate strategy, setting ambitious goals and measuring their progress against them.

Intel has been included in the FTSE4Good Index since its inception and is the current technology supersector leader in the FTSE4Good ESG Ratings. This new Highly Commended award from FTSE4Good is especially meaningful to us given its emphasis on CSR governance, integration and performance – things we have prioritized and invested in at Intel in recent years.

Governance. We have worked to embed a focus on responsible business practices and a strategic focus on sustainability into our corporate vision and strategy and into governance structures at multiple levels of the organization, from the board level, to our executive management team, to front line employees. For example, since 2003, the Board’s Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee has had formal responsibility for reviewing and reporting to the Board on corporate responsibility and sustainability issues at Intel. Since 2008, we have also linked a portion of every employee’s variable compensation—from front-line employees to our CEO—to the achievement of environmental sustainability metrics.

Integration. For CSR to effectively create business and shared value, it is necessary to integrate it into decision-making and key business functions – from supply chain to IT to finance – rather than treat as a stand alone issue.  For example, over the past five years, we have taken steps to integrate environmental, social and governance requirements into our supplier selection, evaluation and management processes, including integration of metrics into our supplier scorecards, awards and contracts. Our supply chain organization has also taken steps to address system level challenges across the global electronics supply chain, including the issue of conflict minerals in the supply chain.

Performance. For more than a decade, we have set public CSR goals and published detailed performance data on our progress in our annual corporate responsibility report.  Over the past decade, we have achieved reductions in key environmental impacts while nearly doubling our manufacturing output. For example, by the end of 2011, we had reduced absolute GHG emissions 60% below 2007 levels. In 2011, we also reached our goal of training over 10 million teachers in more than 70 countries through the Intel® Teach program. Earlier this year, we released our new 2020 environmental goals to continue to drive improvements in our performance in the coming years.

In recent years, we have seen more and more companies view CSR not just as something nice to do and being about philanthropy, but instead as a management approach to better manage risks and opportunities.  We have also seen companies recognize that it is not enough to just focus on CSR issues in isolation, but to address system-level issues by working with their supply chains, NGOs, and governments.  From working with CSR Europe on sustainability standards, to working with the EICC on supply chain responsibility, to working on the concept of measuring shared value with FSG, and to working with 10×10 to address the critical importance of girls education to economic growth, we are focusing on leveraging the full assets of our company to help address some of the most pressing issues of our time. 

We are very honored by this recognition from FTSE4Good– and I know that personally it will serve as a motivation to continue to our work in 2013 to integrate and embed CSR to help create value for Intel as well as our stockholders, customers, and society.

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Intel Celebrates America Recycles Day

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  We’ve all heard these three words before, and today, they hold even more significance. Today is America Recycles Day, a day to highlight the importance of recycling and motivate communities to join in the conservation efforts.

There are many ways that you and your friends, coworkers and family can celebrate this day. There might be an event in your local community, or you can take the pledge to learn more about what materials can be recycled and act to reduce your own personal waste by recycling more. Since 2011, more than 28,400 people have taken the pledge.

Recycling isn’t always as simple as aluminum cans and cardboard. Not sure where to dispose that dead battery or old phone? Check out the Recycling Locater to find out where you can toss your old household items.

Intel has a long history of recycling in our own operations.  In 2011, we recycled over 80% of the waste in our operations and earlier this year set new 2020 goals to challenge ourselves to reduce, reuse and recycle even more.  In addition to large scale recycling initiatives, we also recognize the importance of incentivizing our employees to innovate to find new ways to recycle and reuse materials from our organization.  So, in celebration of America Recycles Day, Intel is recognizing an employee project that has reduced the company’s plastic waste. A team of employees on the Chandler, AZ campus are turning leftover plastic from Intel’s manufacturing facilities into pencil boxes to benefit the local education community. Starting with plastic reels that originally held yards of computer chip components (similar to a movie reel), the group collaborated with local organizations to remove the reels’ labels, grind them into small bits, and mold them into the pencil box shape.

After producing nearly 4,100 pencil boxes, volunteers from Arizona Science Lab and National Engineers Week filled them with school supplies, including a bookmark that describes how the pencil boxes were created, and ways for students to incorporate sustainability into their own lives. The final pencil boxes were then donated to local schools in need.

The effort is funded through Intel’s Sustainability in Action grant program, where employees submit project ideas that foster environmental sustainability worldwide. In 2011, Intel provided $125,000 in funding for nine employee projects—including the installation of a rainwater harvesting project at a school in Israel, and design of a zero-emissions heating and cooling control and supply system for a local community building in China.

So, how are you celebrating America Recycles Day? Let us know about your efforts and innovative ideas in the comments section below.

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