Intel Employees: A New Home for 400 in Japan

Guest blogger: Rob Kelton from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team Additional reporting and photography by Mika Nakayama, Ignatius Wu and Kanae Nakatani. Note from the blog manager: 8 months ago, tragedy struck when an 8.9 earthquake shook up Japan on March 11. Two employees from our Intel Japan site, Jeff and Kanae, shared their experience […] Read more >

Intel Rolls Out the Red, White and Blue Carpet for Veterans

Note from the Blog Manager: Eric Mantion is currently serving as the social media strategist for the Intel Intelligent Systems Group (formally known as Embedded), but previously graduated from the US Naval Academy & served in the Navy as a nuclear-trained Submarine Officer as well as other duties. You can follow him on Twitter (@Geek8ive) […] Read more >

Intel Events: Line dancing, BBQ, & a school bus

Intel has another passion that isn’t technology: I’m talking about community involvement. Whether it’s education or the environment or the local community, employees are encouraged to get out of the office and get involved. In an effort to increase employee volunteer contributions, September was our OO4O, or “Out of Office for Others” campaign. Doenene, an […] Read more >

Supercomputers to the Rescue!

Guest blogger: Amy Aitken and Phillip Davis from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team Graphic by Amy Aitken; additional content from Sue Hunt. Intel’s server and high-performance computing chip sales are strong—growing 15% from the same period last year. The Data Center and Connected Systems Group notched revenue of $2.5 billion dollars in Q3 alone! In […] Read more >