How Intel Benefits Saved My Roommate’s Life

“Wow. Those are some great benefits! I work for a hospital and your benefits are better than mine!” said the ER desk clerk as he collected my roommate’s health insurance information. My roommate, like me, also works at Intel. And we both had selected the same benefits package too. But she was the patient and […] Read more >

Helping Stephen Hawking Communicate

For a man who was diagnosed with a devastating motor neuron disease at age 21 and given just 3 years to live, the brilliant British scientist Stephen Hawking, who celebrated his 70th birthday Sunday, continues to amaze. What you may not have known about Stephen Hawking is how Intel has helped the paralyzed, voiceless scientist communicate to the world since 1997.

Travis, an Intel application engineer, has traveled from Oregon to England every couple of years for the last decade to hand-deliver a customized PC he has created for Hawking. Here Travis talks about his unique project, the technology that powers the customized system, and how Intel co-founder Gordon Moore got Hawking to switch from AMD to Intel. Read more >

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2011 was quite a memorable year and we only expect more great things in 2012! I don’t quite believe in resolutions, but I do like setting goals. One of my goals is to blog more often, both professionally (on this blog and on the Student Branding blog) but personally too (stay tuned […] Read more >

Best of 2011

Editor’s note: Another great story and graphic from our incredible Intel Internal Employee Communications Team (Text by Walden Kirsch and Nisha Desai. Graphic by Amy Aitken. Technical support from Barbara Nelson) on a look back at 2011. It’s been a great year and there’s only more to come in 2012! Happy New Year all! 2011 […] Read more >

What Would You Say to Paul?

It’s kind of crazy to think about it, but it could very well happen. I’ve heard stories about people riding in the elevator with him or being on the same shuttle flight with him, yet I’ve never sighted our CEO (other than web casts or open forums that he does.) But I’ve always wondered, what […] Read more >

Intel Employees: Giving Thanks

Note from the blog manager: After a four-day weekend for the US Thanksgiving holiday, much of my Monday morning was spent catching up on email, news and of course, blogs from Intel employees on Planet Blue, our internal social media platform. This blog post from Richard Taylor, senior vice president and director of Human Resources, […] Read more >

Intel Employees: A New Home for 400 in Japan

Guest blogger: Rob Kelton from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team Additional reporting and photography by Mika Nakayama, Ignatius Wu and Kanae Nakatani. Note from the blog manager: 8 months ago, tragedy struck when an 8.9 earthquake shook up Japan on March 11. Two employees from our Intel Japan site, Jeff and Kanae, shared their experience […] Read more >

Intel Rolls Out the Red, White and Blue Carpet for Veterans

Note from the Blog Manager: Eric Mantion is currently serving as the social media strategist for the Intel Intelligent Systems Group (formally known as Embedded), but previously graduated from the US Naval Academy & served in the Navy as a nuclear-trained Submarine Officer as well as other duties. You can follow him on Twitter (@Geek8ive) […] Read more >