Energy Efficient Semiconductor and Computing Technology: Intel@VSLI 2014

Across the spectrum of computing devices, from supercomputers and datacenters to tablets and wearables, there is a constant pressure to increase capabilities while consuming less power. For the high end, it is because we want to fit more processing power … Read more >

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Turning Classrooms Upside-Down with Adaptive Learning

I’m often frustrated when my children bring home assignments based on memorization and regurgitation. Will these assignments really prepare them for modern life? Society is evolving, and increasingly the jobs that will support a quality standard of living will be those of knowledge workers. In my own career, the skills that have taken me forward […] Read more >

Making it personal (safely) with Big Data

For centuries we’ve relied on “one size fits all” generalizations to guide decisions. For example, I hear marketers today saying “the millennial generation loves sharing everything on social media.” Many do, but I certainly know some that don’t. “Children ages 3-12 should take 2mL twice daily.” How could a 3 year old really require the same […] Read more >