Weekend Gaming – The Land of the Free

Breathe a sigh of relief – the weekend is almost here! During the busy holiday season it can be difficult to find ways to relieve stress. Gaming has always been a great way for me to unwind – whether it’s getting lost in another world, blasting enemies or solving puzzles. Did you know that there […] Read more >

Weekend Gaming – So Much Skyrim!

Another week gone and another weekend coming up! Like millions of other gamers, I have gotten myself sucked into the world of Skyrim. Since the game launched last Friday, I have clocked over 40 hours in the world, but my adventure is still only just starting. If you haven’t heard of the game before, it […] Read more >

More Than Just Gaming with Core i7 Extreme

The 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Extreme (codenamed SandyBridge E) processor launches today. This beast of a CPU has 6 cores and includes Hyper-Threading – that’s up to 12 threads at your disposal. There is also the benefit of the newer architecture, a HUGE 15MB cache and 4 channels of memory. Impressive specs, no doubt, […] Read more >

Weekend Gaming: Love is a Battlefield

Once again, the weekend is here. Battlefield 3 was released this week, and I have been playing it almost nonstop. There are three modes in the game – single player campaign, cooperative play and multiplayer. I have played a lot of the singleplayer campaign, but the multiplayer is what has kept me up late at […] Read more >

Weekend Gaming – E3 Expo!

This past week I attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as “E3″, held in the Los Angeles Convention Center. This industry tradeshow is all about gaming, and most of the upcoming games, gaming hardware and accessories are announced and on display at the show. This year’s show was particularly interesting, as several pieces of […] Read more >