Chromebooks Gain 25% Market Share

Investor’s Business Daily takes note of how the Chromebook is gaining consumer market share for sub-$299 notebooks. Last month Google introduced 4 HP Chromebooks designed for Haswell at Intel’s Developer Forum this past September and already they are top selling for Amazon!  Google blogs “In education, more than 5,000 schools have deployed Chromebooks for their students, representing more than 20% of school districts in the U.S.“.  Students will have a performant, energy efficient system that will last the school day, at an affordable price point on an operating system they are used to using.  Read the details here.

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If any surface can become a gaming table, why not a digital blackboard?

Each opportunity to engage with students today must to be met with contempory solutions at par with the user interfaces (UI) students have grown accustom.  Watching the video featuring Evan Lang of Identity Mine you see how his company chose to design their Air Hockey game specifically for Intel’s All In One (AIO) platform. The AIO is large enough and flexible enough to lay flat, allowing the game to be played by more than one person on any flat surface.  With the bigger size comes the increased performance to handle the fast pace of the game along with graphics to create a more realistic user experience.  The features that make the Identity Mine Air Hockey game compelling can make Physics, Astronomy, Geometry and others more interactive and collaborative between students and teachers.  Borrow some gaming techniques to take a ‘good’ education application to a great learning experience.

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In my day, we carried >10% of our body weight, uphill, in the snow!

Remember tottering off to school with only your 10-inch digital tablet?  Yeah, and nobody had acne, braces or glasses either.  It may sound impossible, but coming to a backpack near you is not only a 10-inch Android solution, but a 7-inch solution based on the Intel® Atom architecture. Atom’s high performance CPU includes Intel® Burst Performance Technology that delivers on-demand higher performance while optimizing power and supporting the multi-tasker in every kid with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology.  Check out the playground your software could be playing in as described by Nick T at:  How can these functions and features differentiate your education software?

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