New to Parallel Programming?

Intel(R) Software Network (ISN) offers many good collaterals on parallel programming. If you are new to parallel programming or you just simply want to thread your application, it is worth to search the white papers on parallel programming in ISN at . Below is a list of current collaterals on basic parallel programming. This […] Read more >

Intel® Power Checker

The Intel® Power Checker provides a quick assessment about power-related parameters of an application when it is idle and when it processes a workload. The tool is also detects whether the application is power aware. Currently, the Intel® Power Checker runs only on a laptop/netbooks using Intel processors. Users can see the results immediately after […] Read more >

Using the Intel® Concurrency Checker

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and you want to get a quick assessment on the threading concurrency of your software product, you can download a tool called the Intel® Concurrency Checker located at . The Intel® Concurrency Checker measures an application workload to determine how well the application will scale on […] Read more >