In search of the best way to train future security experts: notes from the 2014 Intel Developers Forum (IDF ’14)

By Claire Vishik, Intel’s Trust & Security Technology & Policy Director, and Scott Buck, Intel’s University Program Manager IDF’14 was about future technologies – powerful computing devices, Internet of Things and mobiles, and how computing is going to affect everyday lives of … Read more >

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Inspiring Innovation in India’s MSMEs

By John E. Matheson, Director of Legal Policy-Asia Pacific, Intel Technology Asia Pte. Ltd. One of our co-founders, Dr. Robert Noyce once said; “Don’t be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful”. This simple philosophy has stuck with Intel for decades and even today, it motivates Intel employees to break the mold, take […] Read more >

Intel Gets Behind “Innovating for Girls’ Education” to Celebrate International Day of the Girl

October 11 marks the second annual International Day of the Girl, a United Nations designated holiday to recognize girls’ and women’s rights around the world. In celebration of this year’s theme, “Innovating for Girls’ Education,” Intel recently announced She Will Connect, a digital literacy program aimed at reaching 5 million women in Africa, where the gender […] Read more >

Congressman Honda re-introduces legislation to accelerate health and wellness

By Alice Borrelli, Director, Global Healthcare Policy Congressman Honda’s Health Care Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act   fosters further innovation and entrepreneurship in the health information technology sector through: Loaning providers funds to implement non-EHR health related technologies, and to buy services to optimize their use (and value from) technologies that they’ve purchased and     […] Read more >

The Call for a Comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement: A Golden Opportunity to Set Global Standards

By Greg Slater, director of Trade and Competition Policy at Intel Intel applauds the recent announcement from the leaders of the U.S. and European Union to launch negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  We are particularly pleased with the broad, strategic scope of the TIPP.   President Obama, European Council President Van Rompuy, […] Read more >

GetStandards for GetHealth

By Alice Borrelli, Director, Global Healthcare Policy, Intel Corporation Last week at the United Nations, more than 400 delegates from around the world met at the GETHealth Summit to discuss the question, “how do we GETHealth in emerging markets through ICT for the frontline healthcare worker?” Public and private sector leaders of health programs, educators, donors, […] Read more >