A Gift for their Wives Turns Two Brazilian Developers into the Next Big Fashion Site

Some guys give their wives flowers and chocolate. Brazilian developers Flavio Priaps and Renato Steinberg gave their wives a fashion social networking site— The site, originally called ByMK, was soon picked up by Brazil’s fashion mavens as the place to create content related to fashion. “ is a platform for people to talk about fashion and find out about the major launches of every brand, not only in Brazil, but worldwide. Since it was created for fashion, everything in is extremely visual, rich and vibrant,” says Founder Flávio Pripas

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Software & Hardware Innovation Creating Buzz at Computex 2012

With the advent of Windows 8 and over 100 new Ultrabook™ designs coming to market, there are unprecedented opportunities for developers to create innovative user experiences through software.

One year ago at Computex, Intel Corporation Executive Vice President Sean Maloney introduced Ultrabook™ devices to the world. This year, watch the live stream of the Computex keynote with Tom Kilroy, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Sales and Marketing Group. In his keynote, Kilroy will announce how Intel is positioned to deliver superior user experiences across a range of mobile devices, including Ultrabook™, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The live keynote will be hosted on Intel’s Facebook page starting June 4 at 11 p.m. PT (2 p.m. local time in Taiwan). If you can’t make the live stream, the keynote recording will be hosted on the Intel Newsroom.

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Intel Announces New Software and Services Investments in Brazil

IDF Brazil 2012 Software and Services

Intel is accelerating the growth of Brazil’s software industry by making strategic investments in independent software vendors, developers, universities, technology parks, and government IT agencies.
Today at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Brazil, Intel announced that the Intel® Software Partner Program and four Intel® Software Network developer communities are launching in Portuguese. The Intel Software Network provides hundreds of technical documents and guidance on how to maximize software performance on Intel® architecture. The Intel® Software Partner Program helps companies develop and market commercial applications optimized for Intel® technologies.

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Intel Developer Forum is coming to São Paulo, Brazil!

IDF Brazil 2012 - The Sky is the BaselineIntel Developer Forum (IDF) is coming to Brazil for the first time in Intel history!

We’re partnering with members of the Intel® Software Partner Program in our booth and sessions, and we’re extremely excited to meet other software developers and ISVs in Brazil. If you’re not attending in person, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on the announcements and excitement online in both Portuguese and English. Check out of our upcoming software sessions below and the full IDF Brazil website for full event details.

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Preparing for Augmented Reality Event 2012

I’m exited see some truly amazing technology showcases at Augmented Reality Event 2012 tomorrow and Wednesday. Intel will be co-hosting a booth with Total Immersion, where we’ll challenge attendees to compete on a multi-player augmented reality racing track using an Ultrabook™!

If you’re going to be at the conference, drop us a comment below and let us know. If not, feel free to give us some homework – what do you want to know about augmented reality? We’ll make sure to report back to you after the conference!

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ISVs & Developers: Your Concerns about App Store Sales Models?

The feedback on app stores as a software distribution model has been mixed. Some developers love the new model for distributing software and see it as the wave of the future. Others refuse to sell via app stores and feel like the downsides outweigh any of the additional customers that may be won. Many see challenges with the 70/30 revenue split, brand recognition issues, brand awareness concerns, declining ASPs, etc…

What are some of your biggest concerns with app stores?

take a 2 minute survey

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Free Webinar: Learn How to Effectively Manage your Social Media Channels with HootSuite

Join us this Friday for a free introductory webinar on social media management hosted by HootSuite! If you are currently using, or planning to use, social media as part of your marketing mix to increase your customer base, this would be a great webinar to attend. The live webinar is open to registration for Intel® Software Partner Program members in North America. You can register through the email link that was sent on Friday, Feb 10th (email subject: “Learn How to Effectively Manage your Social Media Channels with HootSuite”).

Thanks to HootSuite, the webinar replay will be made available to watch on-demand to all members after the event.

Date: Friday, February 17, 2012
Time: 11am- 12pm PST


  • Introduction to social media and various social networks
  • Social media trends
  • How organizations are using social
  • How social will benefit you

Make sure to check your email for the registration link! We look forward to seeing you in the webinar. Prior to joining the webinar, please make sure to sign up for a HootSuite account.

Note: This webinar is part of a pilot to gauge the level of interest in adding social media management tools into your member resources. If you are unable to view the webinar due to your location, but are interested in this topic, please let us know in the comments!

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What’s coming up in the Software Business Network

The Software Business Network is a new online community focused on supporting the go-to-market and business development needs of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in our Intel® Software Partner Program, as well as individual developers writing and selling applications for the Intel platform.

We’ll be starting off with 4 posts “Social Media Starter Kit” blog posts that provide the “basics” or “must-knows” about some of the most popular networking sites:

In the upcoming weeks — in addition to continuing topics on social media and digital marketing– check back for more expert tips in software sales and lead generation, geo expansion, and other marketing topics. As always, feel free to leave us a comment in our forum or as a comment on our blogs.

(Read more and let us know what topics you’d like covered by the experts….)

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About the Software Business Network

The Software Business Network is a new online community focused on supporting the go-to-market and business development needs of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in our Intel® Software Partner Program, as well as individual developers writing applications for Intel platform.

Accelerate your Go-To-Market, Sales, and Business Strategies

Each week, you will gain insight from experts in business strategy, sales, and marketing topics. We will be inviting these experts to share their guidance and tips through blogs, webinars, and our Software Business Forum.

Connect with Other Partners

The Software Business Network provides a forum for our software partners to hold business conversations with one another. Are you looking for a co-development opportunity? A partner for geo expansion? Build new business relationships with other Intel Software Partners through our Software Business Forum and on our blogs by connecting with partners in your industry or technology focus area. (Read more….)

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What do burgers & fries have to do with parallel programming?! Helping students learn how to ‘think in parallel"

There has been a great discussion on our LinkedIn group around examples that professors can use to teach the concept of parallelism at an abstract level. Here’ s a summary of the examples. (Join our LinkedIn group to access more discussions on teaching tips/parallel programming in undergrad education!) 1. Real-world examples       • Restaurants (quote below […] Read more >