Making Strides in Parkinson’s Research with the Michael J. Fox Foundation

Parkinson’s disease affects more than five million people around the world and is second only to Alzheimer’s in prevalence. The disease is a debilitating neurological disorder.  Its symptoms—tremors, stiffness, difficulty walking—start imperceptibly, but worsen over time. And despite the billions … Read more >

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What’s In Your Vending Machine?

Remember when vending machines were associated with stale snacks, past-its-prime candy and finicky cash slots? In some cases they still are, but that’s about to change because the $7 billion vending industry is undergoing a major overhaul right now. Many of today’s machines still sell chips and soda, but we’re also seeing a migration toward… Read more > Read more >

Digital Driving in the 21st Century

Today’s families are constantly on-the-go. Whether driving the kids to school, cruising over to the office or taking a family road trip, families are spending more and more time behind the wheel. In fact, the average American drives nearly 13,500 miles a year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. That’s the equivalent of driving […] Read more >

From Plastic Waste to Pencil Box

Fourteen million tons. That’s how much plastic the U.S. created in 2010 alone, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Eight percent. That’s how much plastic the U.S. recycled in 2010. It’s no secret that plastic plays an important role in nearly every aspect of our lives, from our food containers, to our furniture and […] Read more >

Intel Abuzz with Folsom Bee Project

What would life be like without honeybees? At first thought, some people might be OK with the notion. Some might imagine more peaceful outdoor picnics with less swatting and more eating. Others might be relieved at the thought of no more bee stings during those summer months in the garden. But, those who are aware […] Read more >

What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Do you know what happens in one minute on the Internet? In just one minute, more than 204 million emails are sent. Amazon rings up about $83,000 in sales. Around 20 million photos are viewed and 3,000 uploaded on Flickr. At least 6 million Facebook pages are viewed around the world. And more than 61,000 […] Read more >

Retailers Ringing in the Holidays with Tech Innovations

When it comes to shopping today, consumers want the best of online and in-store experiences.   It’s no secret that many of us confer with our favorite online reviewers or product sites before ever setting foot in a store. And most of us have used a smart phone to look up product information and compare […] Read more >