Screen Future: An Interesting Moment in History

As many of you might know, GoogleTV was launched nearly a fortnight ago, and is clearly the first in a number of SmartTV experiences that will become available on the market soon. Thinking about TV futures is, then, very timely. I have asked my Brian David Johnson who is Intel’s first Consumer Experience Architect to […] Read more >

London Calling

In earlier postings, we’ve explored our visions for TV. In this post, I’ve asked Alex Zafiroglu to take a step back and share a small slice of what informs our vision, starting with her role in the first phase in our process – understanding how people live, what they value, and how technology fits (or […] Read more >

Here’s to waking up every morning…to coffee, hot dosas, a plush couch and news from the Internet on TV (and I do mean all at the same time)

We recently conducted a series of demo show events internally across Intel and externally for analysts, showcasing how we’re re-imagining the TV from yesterday to Smart TVs with amazing user experiences moving forward. The response has been overwhelming and we’re seeing the impact of an experience design concept, a demo and their stories all across […] Read more >

What’s on Tonight

When I first moved to America, a very long time ago indeed, I remember being overwhelmed by the number of channels available on television, admittedly cable television, but still, it was a revelation. After all, in Australia, at the time, we had 5 channels total – two government sponsored ones, and three commercial broadcasters. I […] Read more >

All 3D, All the Time

In February, I snagged an invitation to Burberry’s latest fashion show, broadcast to five sites around the world in 3D. Christopher Bailey, who is the creative director at Burberry wanted to create an “event”, in his words a global community experience, bringing his London cat-walk alive in Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, New York and LA. I […] Read more >

A Glimpse into the Future of TV

While I teased you with a few thoughts about the future of TV in my original post, I thought it would be nice to open up the door a bit further and shed some light on the vision we’re actually driving towards. To do so, I’ve invited Mike Payne, Director of Experience Design, to share […] Read more >