Chuck Freedman

Chuck Freedman

Chuck Freedman is dedicated to driving platform success and adoption across all industries. An evangelist and inspirational force for a decade, he has engaged and enabled developers, designers, scientists and engineers with a range of innovative technologies. Chuck applies his unique interest, vision and experience with a genuine approach towards advocacy and evangelism, within a 17 year technology career, leading platform business strategy, marketing and product development to help businesses drive innovation, partnerships, quality integration and adoption. Chuck has been published for books and articles written to inspire use of platforms, while also presenting and engaging audiences at over 50 events and meetups around the world.

Open source software is leading us into a technical utopia

It’s unlike anything else in any industry. Open source software can turn individual developers into influencers overnight. Free enterprises from decades-long licensing dependencies. Turn startups into publicly traded companies in no time. But it’s not new. The practice of openly … Read more >

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