Adam Beckett Experimental Film Artist, New Iota DVD and Interview with Pamela Turner

    Only recently has the west coast of the United States, particularly California, especially southern California received the credit it deserves for the long history of abstract and experimental film work that has gone on here. The Iota Center is a non profit organization that among other things preserves, archives and provides information about […] Read more >

Interactive Medias, Interview with Russ Haines of Eye Vapor and Touch Designer

So much is going on in the way of real time interactive software and animations that I find just trying to get a good understanding of all the possibilities inherent in the many programs on the market is daunting. As a freelance 3d artist/visual poet working with different companies, understanding the technology is important to […] Read more >

Interview with Stewart McSherry of Xfrog and More

I have been using a program called Xfrog for more reasons than it has a great name. Many years ago I was told about it by several people, and one of them was Saty Raghavachary, a programmer and educator at DreamWorks Animation. I only regret it has taken me so many years to start using the […] Read more >