Multitouch Ultrabook

It is expected that by year 2022 (only 10 years from today) a PC or laptop without a touch-screen would be considered as ancient as monochrome green screens (only cool in the Matrix movie). As some of you may know, I have a two years old son. He has no trouble unlocking the iPad, finding […] Read more >

Review: Ultrabook as a Workstation

My first Ultrabook review was just a first impression. It now looks like soon enough Ultrabooks will replace laptops just as laptops today often replace desktops. Y2K I used to have a desktop in my office and there were a few laptops we used for presentations and demonstrations. Today I have a laptop in my office and […] Read more >

ACER Ultrabook Review

Not too long ago we heard about Ultrabook machines and X86 Windows 7 systems operating on solar cells indoors and now we have Ultrabooks popping up everywhere. Between the possible options I decided that I am going to keep my DELL Latitude laptop as a workstation for now but still get a new Ultrabook for […] Read more >