Anne Van Hulle

Anne Van Hulle

Anne Van Hulle is a U.S. retail campaign manager with 7 years of experience at Intel. In her current role, Van Hulle manages the North American retail vertical segment. During her career at Intel, she has led B2B media activities for North America including IT publisher partnerships, search engine marketing, social media, native advertising, and lead generation activities. Through her insight as an avid shopper, technology lover and as a millennial, Van Hulle has strengthened her experience in retail store technologies and shares her expertise and passion with retailers through her work at Intel.

Van Hulle graduated from Willamette University with a Bachelor’s degree in economics, and from Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management with a MBA in marketing.
Outside of work, Van Hulle’s curiosity and diversity in her activities has no boundaries, but some of her favorite pastimes include dragon boating, running, shopping and enjoying a microbrew while listening live to a local band. You can follow Anne on Twitter: @annecvh and continue the retail conversation by following @Retailerinsight and visiting our retail community page:

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