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Wearables, Sensors, User Experience & The Future of Mobile: Insights from MobileBeat 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend MobileBeat 2013 in San Francisco, a conference hosted by VentureBeat focusing on the future of mobile. This year, focus of the conference was on the fully integrated Mobile Experience and one of … Read more >

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Let’s Talk About What YOU Need

With the recent re-launch of the Embedded@Intel blog, we want to take this opportunity to have a conversation with YOU – the hardware and software developers/engineers, business managers, makers, students, media, investors, and more who make up our rich community. What assets are you finding the most valuable for innovating and … Read more >

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Next Generation Wireless Communication (5G): Transforming the Wireless User Experience

As 4G standards have completed in 2011 and networks are beginning to be deployed, the attention of the mobile research community is shifting towards what will be the next set of innovations in wireless communication technologies which we will refer to collectively as “5G” (5th Generation technologies).  Given a historical 10-year cycle for every generation […] Read more >

Broadband regulation in Europe moving in right direction

By Peter Pitsch, associate general counsel and executive director of communications policy for Intel State of the art telecom networks will be the lifeblood of Europe’s digital markets and, increasingly so, many other sectors of the larger economy. The EU recognized the importance of ultrafast broadband when it set the 2020 target of 50% of […] Read more >