01.2012: Intel(r) AMT Developer’s Most Wanted

What is the Heci and LMS - this is the rolling question week after week.  Reseting the ME password. Intel VT-d and how is Intel AMT enabled?  Here are the most popular Forum threads and blogs during the last few weeks.

Top 15 Forum Threads

  1. HP DC7700 (2007)
  2. Intel Management Engine Password Reset (2007)
  3. AMT Error Message "[UNS] Failed to subscribe to local Intel(R) AMT" (2008)
  4. how to install AMT SOL/LMS and HECI drivers silently (2008)
  5. lms service cannot connect to heci driver (2009)
  6. "Me is in recovery state" (2008)
  7. Intel AMT status is disabled (2007)
  8. Need to Enable or Disable AMT on your system? (2008)
  9. problem with HECI and network connection? (2008)
  10. intel management engine interface device cannot start code 10 on HP 8200 elite (2011)
  11. Intel Active Management Technology Status: Disable  (2008)
  12. AMT is disabled (2009)
  13. Enabling AMT on system (2008)
  14. AMT status error message  (2007)
  15. Intel motherboard monitoring (voltage/fan/temperature/CI status) programming documentation (2009)

 Forum posts can be great for finding answers to your questions, but it is even better if the question has been blogged. Here are Top Blogs that our developers have been reading:

Top 20 Blogs (pretty much the same list as from last month with a couple of exceptions.)

  1. Let us talk about HECI and LMS   (2007)
  2. Understanding VT-d: Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (2009)
  3. Intel AMT software: LMS, HECI, MEI... why do I need those? Part 10 in the series (2009)
  4. I forgot my "ME" Password! (2008)
  5. All about System Power States (S0-S5) (2007)
  6. Tips & Tricks for Setting up & Accessing an Intel AMT Client (2008)
  7. Step by Step Guide on How to Enable VT-d and Perform Direct Device Assignment (2009)
  8. Intel Management and Security Status (IMSS), advanced configurations. Part 9 (2009)
  9. To VT-d or Not to VT-d? A guide on whether to Utilize Direct Device Attach in your Virtualized System? (2010)
  10. UNS "Failed to subscribe to local Intel AMT" Error Messages and how to fix them (Intel AMT SW, 7th part) (2009)
  11. Instructions to disable the Intel AMT privacy notification popup (2007)
  12. Meshcentral.com - New Mobile Application (New in Jan 2012!)
  13. How about a Security Layer? (2011)
  14. Dual Boot Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008  (2008)
  15. More configurations (disabling) of the Intel AMT icon. Part 4 in the Intel AMT software series (2008)
  16. And the Lenovo T400 said: "Beep.Beep-Beep-Beep.Beep-Beep-Beep.Beep! (2009)
  17. Wake On LAN and the Magic Packet (2007)
  18. Sharing Virtual Disks Among VMs using VMware* ESX Server (2009)
  19. The Keys to Intel vPro Technology: HECI-MEI-LMS-SOL-UNS (2011)
  20. Intel® AMT User Notification Service (2009)

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