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Tell Intel How Shopping Should Be Smarter

Are you a shopping Ninja? Are your friends amazed by how you always get the best stuff at the best prices, faster than anyone else? Well we think technology can help make your shopping experiences even better, but we want you to help us figure out what should come next! Please share your thoughts with us to make shopping better for everyone! Read more >

Ultrabook and Workplace Trends: Future Jobs and Flexibility

According to the Sodexo 2012 Workplace Trends Report, when you’re working this year, chances are you’ll spend some time doing so away from the office, as the report indicates that enabling a virtual workforce and creating flexible workplaces are two of the 2012 job trends. With new technology and these innovative workplace trends, it will […] Read more >

Gunnar Peterson on Understanding Cloud Security Standards, part 3

Moving applications to the Cloud puts many enterprises in an accustomed position, the technology and processes that their business depends on aren’t under their sole control, but rather a mix of responsibilities. The move to the Cloud is not a … Continue reading

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Intel’s Data Protection and Security Policy: Read All About It!

By David A. Hoffman, Director of Security Policy and Global Privacy Officer Today kicks off a week of activities surrounding Data Privacy Day.  Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day in Europe) is celebrated on January 28 each year.  The day honors worldwide commitment to privacy and security, and to recognize the anniversary (this year, […] Read more >