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So, You Want to be the Next Intel Rock Star?

Several months ago, while driving back to the office from lunch, I started to wonder about fun ways to get students engaged with Intel, but on more of a ‘fun’ level. (Some of my best ideas come at the oddest times.) It prompted me to think about ways I could engage students in creating some […] Read more >


以员工所拥有的电子产品作为公司IT部门提供服务的导向—— “IT消费化” —— 可以广泛地定义为员工们希望采用私有的电子设备处理日常工作时,也能享受与传统办公环境一致的应用体验。这种用户体验,需要IT部门提供支持。… Read more >

Easy is Hard” — But the Right Technology Solutions Can Help Transform Education

I wanted to share this inspiring blog posted by Paige Johnson in the CSR@Intel blog on how governments are using technology to improve education in their countires. Paige is a scientist by training and a teacher by passion who has … Read more > Read more >


我在一次飞行旅途中,观看了一部名为《社交网络》的电影。给我印象最深的一点是,扎克伯格最初是在他的笔记本电脑上创建了Facebook网站。我后来常跟朋友说:要开创自己的未来,你确实需要一台电脑,因为你需要计算力来释放你的创意。… Read more >

Intel Employees: Giving Thanks

Note from the blog manager: After a four-day weekend for the US Thanksgiving holiday, much of my Monday morning was spent catching up on email, news and of course, blogs from Intel employees on Planet Blue, our internal social media platform. This blog post from Richard Taylor, senior vice president and director of Human Resources, […] Read more >


有一次,我看到同事用手机电视看国安球赛直播,高清、流畅,在餐厅里就享受了一场足球盛宴,着实令人兴奋!后来,我在参加中国移动举办的第五届移动互联网研讨会时,又看到了更多来自中移动、大唐、中兴等公司基于移动互联的最新应用,不禁感叹这些年移动互联技术的发展真的是不断颠覆着人们的想象力!… Read more >

Intel Events: AISES Conference

Blogger’s Note: Jolene is a Manufacturing Technician and chair of the Oregon chapter of the Intel Native American Network (INAN). She recently attended the national conference for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) along with several other employees through Intel. Check out her diary entries from the trip to Minneapolis! Last week, I […] Read more >


十七届六中全会以专门章节对文化领域的发展和改革作出重大决策和全面部署,指出: 大力发展公益性文化事业,保障人民基本文化权益;加快发展文化产业,推动文化产业成为国民经济支柱性产业。特别是加快城乡文化一体化发展,”要以农村和中西部地区为重点,加强县级文化馆和图书馆、乡镇综合文化站、村文化室建设,深入实施广播电视村村通、文化信息资源共享、农村电影放映、农家书屋等文化惠民工程,扩大覆盖、消除盲点、提高标准、完善服务、改进管理。”… Read more >

Trick or Treat, Intel style!

How many CIOs do you know that dressed up for Halloween? I know one for sure: ours, Diane Bryant! It didn’t matter that Halloween fell on a workday this year—hundreds of employees all over the world took the chance to turn a potentially miserable Monday into something a bit more fun and creative. We received […] Read more >

Intel Employees: A New Home for 400 in Japan

Guest blogger: Rob Kelton from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team Additional reporting and photography by Mika Nakayama, Ignatius Wu and Kanae Nakatani. Note from the blog manager: 8 months ago, tragedy struck when an 8.9 earthquake shook up Japan on March 11. Two employees from our Intel Japan site, Jeff and Kanae, shared their experience […] Read more >