Monthly Archives: October 2011

Supercomputers to the Rescue!

Guest blogger: Amy Aitken and Phillip Davis from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team Graphic by Amy Aitken; additional content from Sue Hunt. Intel’s server and high-performance computing chip sales are strong—growing 15% from the same period last year. The Data Center and Connected Systems Group notched revenue of $2.5 billion dollars in Q3 alone! In […] Read more >

Is Political Accountability an Oxymoron?

This blog was posted on behalf of Michael Jacobson, Intel’s Director of Corporate Responsibility. About the only thing lower than the public approval of corporations right now is the public approval of Congress. With the poor view of both institutions, it would lead one to believe that there is no way that a corporation can […] Read more >

Intern Voices: The Russia Edition

Every year we hire students all across the globe: US, Latin America, Europe, Asia. Sometimes these are summer placements, at times 6 months internships or in some locations interns stay with us for over a year. We work hard to make sure our interns get the most positive experience with us during their time with […] Read more >

G(irls)20 Summit

This blog was posted on behalf of Karen Spencer, Intel’s Director of Global Education Integration. Last week, 21 girls (ages 18-20) from around the world came together for the G(irls)20 Summit in France, in advance of the G20 meeting, to debate, discuss and develop recommendations for the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations. After three days […] Read more >

Intel’s Commitment to Volunteerism – An International Perspective

I recently returned from a two week deployment in Haiti as part of the Intel Education Service Corps (IESC). It was a fantastic experience and gave me a fresh perspective on Intel’s diverse CSR programs. Intel is known for its commitment to volunteerism – our employees contributed over one million hours of their time in […] Read more >