Monthly Archives: May 2010

London Calling

In earlier postings, we’ve explored our visions for TV. In this post, I’ve asked Alex Zafiroglu to take a step back and share a small slice of what informs our vision, starting with her role in the first phase in our process – understanding how people live, what they value, and how technology fits (or […] Read more >

An Update On Our Graphics-related Programs

“Graphics.” I think the high-tech industry needs to do a better job defining this omnibus word. At a minimum, graphics can be divided into creating, consuming (viewing), interacting, playing and connecting digital media – visually rich computing experiences. I mean, three billion photos are added to Facebook every month, and online video viewing more than […] Read more >

Here’s to waking up every morning…to coffee, hot dosas, a plush couch and news from the Internet on TV (and I do mean all at the same time)

We recently conducted a series of demo show events internally across Intel and externally for analysts, showcasing how we’re re-imagining the TV from yesterday to Smart TVs with amazing user experiences moving forward. The response has been overwhelming and we’re seeing the impact of an experience design concept, a demo and their stories all across […] Read more >


  AppUp Your Netbook   Intel’s beta program for Intel AppUp Center Beta is the first software application storefront aimed at the popular category of Intel Atom processor based netbook computers