Monthly Archives: April 2010

Demystifying WiMAX Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Operators and Device Vendors

Guest post by Sanjiv Gupta, Intel Corp. Since the first historical mobile WiMAX network deployment by Clear over a year ago, there have been more than 600 WiMAX networks worldwide which have either commercially launched or have entered into a planning/pre-deployment stage. For new devices (WiMAX Forum Certified or other devices) entering a Greenfield network, […] Read more >

It Takes a Community to Transform Education

On Monday, in New York City’s Central Park, we launched the newest member of the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC! I say “we” because it was not only us there, on site, with the kids and the press, but also many members of the Intel Learning Series Alliance. The simple fact that it’s a “we” and […] Read more >

IDF, skeptical students, 22nm and the relentless pursuit of Moore’s Law

IDF tends to generate excitement among interviewing graduate students (all the fascinating new technologies discussed at IDF ranging from in-vehicle infotainment, through common connected computing and cloud computing, and to such “green” concepts as smart grid, provides great motivation for interviewing at Intel!). However, a very common question I get asked during interviews around IDF time is […] Read more >