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Snowden gone, ripples remain!

- By Andy Thurai (Twitter: @AndyThurai) [Original version of this blog appeared on PandoDaily magazine.] Though Snowden is long gone now, the ripple effects that he created are going to remain for a long time to come. If you haven’t … Read more >

Intel Expressway Service Gateway and RSA DPM

Intel Expressway Service Gateway and RSA DPM: Security without pain Top security threats for 2013 include “hacktivism” attacks, botnet malware, distributed denial of service attacks, and identity theft. The problems are well known and yet there is still resistance to … Read more >

Cost Effective PCI DSS Tokenization for Retail (Part I)

With PCI-DSS 2.0 compliance newly mandated and recent guidance on PCI DSS tokenization[i] this is an excellent time for merchants to review their compliance and PCI scope reduction strategies. One of the more common approaches to reducing PCI DSS Scope … Read more >