Cloud Service Brokers

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If you’ve been following Gartner and Forrester’s research on the evolution of cloud computing models, the concept of a cloud service brokerage is becoming increasingly popular. I am proud to announce that I’ll be participating in an upcoming webinar on the topic with some great speakers from NIST and CSA. It should be quite interesting – feel free to sign up for it here. We’ll be covering industry definitions from NIST as well as CSA operating standards that apply to cloud brokers. The webinar should be a good mix of technical and business content that should move the discussion around cloud brokers down a forward path. Hope to see you there!


Blake Dournaee

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Passionate, energetic product manager that lives at the intersection of business, innovation and technology. I currently work at Intel in the Datacenter Software Division working on products and technologies relating to mobile, APIs, cloud services and big data.

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