Intel(R) Expressway Service Gateway and McAfee’s Cloud Security Platform

McAfee just announced their new Cloud Security Platform, which includes Intel(R) Expressway Service Gateway as a core component.

The new cloud platform covers email, web, applications/apis, and access control. It’s great to see Intel and McAfee draw a large technology strategy that covers all of these different areas. More importantly, the announcement shows Intel’s commitment to security software.

Moving from the Enterprise to the cloud, the strategy defines a number of modules.which include e-mail security, data loss prevention, web security, web services security, identity and access management, and mobile/remote user management.

Expressway service gateway fits in under the web services security module and includes application protection and controls, performance acceleration, and authentication and authorization. In other words, ESG is securing and accelerating the application to application channel

It will be interesting to see how this strategy will evolve in the future – McAfee adds strong capabilities around threat prevention, as that is its heritage and the addition of ESG is extremely complimentary – it’s really cover the other less flashy half of security – trust and authentication. It will be interesting to see how this evolves in the future.


Blake Dournaee

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