Exposing the Beast: Customized API Management

Exposing the Beast - Customized API Management

Dr. Henry McCoy becomes the beast and he is smarter with API Management. Original artwork used by permission and credited to Mike Monroe @ http://blog.mike-monroe.com

What do Dr. Henry McCoy and large Enterprises have in common? They can both be brilliant at what they do and be a veritable beast to manage.

Enterprise complexity and legacy debt can hamstring an organization trying to move to APIs, but the good news is that the more services and applications an Enterprise has, the more potential they can realize through exposing these services both inside and outside the organization.

How this gets done won’t always fit like a glove, but require some customization, especially when use cases become more complex, involve multiple developer communities, regulated industries, and hybrid data-centers. I’m excited to be participating in a webinar with Forrester’s Randy Heffner on October 22nd @10AM entitled, “Exposing the Beast: Custom API Management for the Enterprise.” You can register for the webinar at this link here.

We’ll be touching a range of subjects, including the distinctions between SOA governance and API Management, the rise and growth of internal API management, the importance of compliance and how that intersects with APIs, as well as API sharing. API Management in this context is not a “one solution fits all” approach- it requires a loose coupling of connected systems and a customized approach to manage APIs at Enterprise

Join us next week!



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