Connecting Enterprise APIs to Mobile Development

I am very excited to be speaking alongside Andreas Constantinou from VisionMobile next week in a joint webinar entitled “Connect Enterprise APIs to Mobile Application Development.”

We’ll be talking about the explosion of mobile application development tools and the complexity this brings to Enterprises looking to mobile enable their applications. Andreas will be going through the explosion of tools, over 700+ tools in 25 categories that span the mobile application development lifecycle. He’ll walk through the life-cycle  developed by VisionMobile which includes six categories or stages: (i) integrate, (ii) develop, (iii) test, (iv) deploy, (v) measure, and (vi) market.

I’ll be walking through some slides and talking about ideas around architectural changes you can expect to see in the datacenter as the Enterprise begins to emphasize mobile-ready architectures rather than legacy web server/app server architectures for Enterprise APIs. I’ll also discuss the tie between mobile enablement and API management, and then explore an example use case. The future is very exciting for Enterprise APIs if you can keep costs down!

You can register for the webinar here.




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