Building an API Strategy? We Can Help!

My colleague Blake posted yesterday with a response to Daniel Jacobson’s thought-provoking post, “Why you probably don’t need an API strategy”.  Blake spells out some pretty clear reasons why you do need an API strategy and outlines some of the different things to consider when formulating one.  If you’re starting from the ground up, or looking to change direction or incorporate a gateway into your architecture, we have a couple of programs that can help.

If you’re just looking for more information on our product or would like a longer conversation with an API implementation expert, we have enabled live chat through our Big Data and Application Security portal.  Our team can give guidance on tools and solution architectures for API management, along with different deployment options. From on-prem to SaaS to hybrid, we’ve seen and implemented pretty much every variant imaginable.  These can be longer sessions as needed, allowing you to get a better feel for what your fellow travelers are doing to jump start their API strategy.

Connect with us for help building your API Strategy

Connect with us for help building your API Strategy

If neither of those meet your needs but you still want more information, of course we have traditional methods of contact as well.   We’d be happy to set up a live demo or provide you with more information about our professional services offerings.

It’s been clear for a while now that pretty much every brand is going to need an API to survive.  Sure, you can take the “ready, fire, aim” approach, but it’s well worth the investment to create and periodically revisit an API strategy.  If you agree but you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help.

Travis Broughton

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Travis is an architect with Intel's Data Center Software Division. He has fifteen years of experience with Intel IT, working as an Enterprise Architect.

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