Gartner API Management report: Intel an MQ ‘Leader’

According to Gartner API Management + SOA Governance = Application Services Governance.  This year’s Magic Quadrant reflects that change, updating the title as well as some of the participants.  It has been nearly two years since Gartner’s final “SOA Governance” Magic Quadrant, with several mergers and acquisitions (including our own acquisition of Mashery), and it’s great to see Gartner’s coverage reflect the increasing maturity of APIs in enterprise.

As the diagram above shows, “application services governance” or the broader API management picture involves two key components:  a highly-visible portal and a somewhat less talked-about governance layer that looks and feels an awful lot like old school SOA governance.  Mashery’s API Management solution combines our service gateway with the Mashery developer portal, enabling enterprises to repackage internal data and services as developer-friendly APIs, securely surfacing them alongside cloud and MBaaS services.  Enterprises can leverage this highly resilient and performant platform as the foundation for their Enterprise Mobile and broader API initiatives.

As you can read in the Magic Quadrant report, the Mashery acquisition occurred as the Gartner API management analysis was wrapping up, so they understandably evaluated the product as if it were two separate solutions.  On the gateway (governance) side, we continue to build on a decade of experience and offer unique features like Tokenization for data protection and WebSocket support for highly responsive mobile app development, yielding the solid, stable, and highly performant foundation you need for enterprise-class APIs.  We combine our enterprise class on-prem security, integration, and complex “API Mashup” traffic management with the market leading Mashery’s developer portal – they pretty much invented the concept, and as I’ve gotten to know them I’ve been impressed with their approach and vision in how to enable developers to consume APIs. And for the enterprise who has distinct hybrid cloud deployment and security needs you have the freedom to choose how this all gets deployed as a working integrated solution: deploy API portal as SaaS, add on prem Service Gateway for on-prem enforcement, and even deploy the API portal locally for maximum enterprise control. If you extrapolate out from our two rankings, you’ll see that our combined offering delivers best-of-breed, best in class execution and vision.

Travis Broughton

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Travis is an architect with Intel's Data Center Software Division. He has fifteen years of experience with Intel IT, working as an Enterprise Architect.

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