Enter the Stork: Where do APIs come from?

Make an app! Hack something! Innovate through APIs!

Have you ever wondered where APIs come from? Sure they provide tremendous value, but how does an Enterprise or organization publish a scalable, reliable and secure API that can effectively “bridge” the Enterprise to developers to actually do something useful?

Sometimes it seems like we take APIs for granted – it’s as if a stork dropped the API as a gift from the powers above, just for our use. How do APIs come to be in the first place? Without APIs we can’t have hackathons and a mobile app with no data is hardly useful.

Let’s spend some time to find out how to build the back-end.

I’ll be at PARISOMA in San Francisco for API Days  on Saturday June 22nd to explore this topic at the keynote presentation. Hope to see you there!


Blake Dournaee

About Blake Dournaee

Passionate, energetic product manager that lives at the intersection of business, innovation and technology. I currently work at Intel in the Datacenter Software Division working on products and technologies relating to mobile, APIs, cloud services and big data.

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