QCON NY 2013

I had a speaking opportunity at QCON in Big Apple last week. 

 As usual Big Data and Mobility were the dominating topics in this conference.  Surprisingly, there was a strong html5 presence as well. At least ten presentations (including mine) were based on html5 or other modern language themes, which means the momentum is shifting from native apps to html 5 fast. It is not about just plain vanilla JavaScript anymore.

 One thing I can vouch for is that the development crowd seems to be getting younger and sharper on a daily basis.

One of the problems of mobile enablement is building cross-platform applications efficiently. If you are an IT shop or a third-party developer, just developing the greatest possible mobile app for one OS is not enough.  According to the IDC report released recently (based on 1Q2013 shipments), Android OS rules the market with 75% market share, but iOS has loyal followers of 17.3%, followed by Windows at 3.2% and Blackberry OS at 2.9%. Either you can develop just for ¾ of the market (which is pretty good), or if you want to expand your market base, you need a cross-platform tool that can help you.

I was a little worried sitting in the presentation before mine as there were only about five people in the room. I was thinking maybe I will just make it a Q&A roundtable if the audience was going to be that small. When the session started the room was packed full with SRO (Standing Room Only) and very few dropouts for the entire session. While I want to think it was my charm that brought them in, the truth is that this topic is very hot. I want to thank everyone who attended and the very insightful questions in the end.

I will write a detailed blog on how to effortlessly build cross-platform mobile applications that are way better, faster, and much cheaper than native apps. But more importantly, I will show you how you can monetize and keep up with the market at a fraction of current developmental costs.

For those who are interested in what Intel is doing in this space, download my presentation here.Intel Qcon Preso FINAL.

Check out Intel API Management solution here.

-Andy Thurai (Twitter @AndyThurai)

Andy Thurai

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Andy Thurai is Chief Architect and Group CTO of Application Security and Identity Products with Intel, where he is responsible for architecting SOA, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Governance, Security, and Identity solutions for their major corporate customers. In his role, he is responsible for helping Intel/McAfee field sales, technical teams and customer executives. Prior to this role, he has held technology architecture leadership and executive positions with L-1 Identity Solutions, IBM (Datapower), BMC, CSC, and Nortel. His interests and expertise include Cloud, SOA, identity management, security, governance, and SaaS. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering and has over 25+ years of IT experience.

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