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For the first time in my life, I was in Spain (Madrid) last week. What a lovely country and people. Great food too! It amazes me how people can speak multiple languages and entertain the clueless tourists like me by switching to English so quickly :) .

In any case, I was there to attend the APIDays Mediterranea event. Can you believe that? This is proof that API has gone to the nook and corner of the world! It was attended by about 100 practitioners. The representative API management and industry companies included Intel, Kin Lane the API evangelist, WSO2, 3Scale, Layer 7, FaberNovel, API Cultur, Webshell.io, MailJet, and many more. The enthusiasm and eagerness from participants were undeniable. Eduardo was a great host.

There were multiple theme tracks that were presented, including business value of APIs, API design, and user experience. But, as with any other API conference, still the API security and enterprise grade API themes were missing from the masses. As always, every time I speak up about it, I am looked at as a two-headed monster. Still, the predominant themes are usability, time to market, ease of use, Freemium model, and open source. At least the business value of APIs and how it is creating additional revenues and channels is gaining momentum.

Aside from the fact that I baptized Kin Lane as the API messiah, there were a lot of interesting things that happened there.

As with any conference, there was a lot of valuable information from the highly talented speakers. A few quote nuggets that I caught from the conference that was raging on Twitter:

“You’re going to start seeing people specialize in API design as a profession” – Kin Lane

“Both corporations & developers need to start monetizing the assets to sustain innovation.” – Kin Lane

“Proper API monetization is the key to API success.” – Kin Lane

“Your API is not just about exposing the data. You’re exposing assets—the value you create for the end user.” – Andy Thurai

“You need to understand your values and valuables. You need to protect your valuables and promote your values.” – Andy Thurai

“Build a transparent base API platform that developers can trust. You don’t want to be the unreliable base API that brings everyone else down.” – Mehdi Medjaoui

“Trust is based on openness and transparency of the platform, not based on deprecation and versioning.” – Mehdi Medjaoui

“It is organization’s core business that is valuable. The APIs are just a channel into that.” – Guillaume Balas

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend this event in Spain, there will be other events in other locations later this year. These events are spreading to new cities and are a great format for networking about APIs.  Also, video of my talk should be posted soon.

–          Andy Thurai (Twitter: @AndyThurai)

Andy Thurai

About Andy Thurai

Andy Thurai is Chief Architect and Group CTO of Application Security and Identity Products with Intel, where he is responsible for architecting SOA, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Governance, Security, and Identity solutions for their major corporate customers. In his role, he is responsible for helping Intel/McAfee field sales, technical teams and customer executives. Prior to this role, he has held technology architecture leadership and executive positions with L-1 Identity Solutions, IBM (Datapower), BMC, CSC, and Nortel. His interests and expertise include Cloud, SOA, identity management, security, governance, and SaaS. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering and has over 25+ years of IT experience.

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