All Eyes on HTML5

Visionmobile released a new info-graphic earlier this week that puts some spotlight back on HTML5. While HTML5 is in third place compared to Android and iOS for development and deployment platforms, the most interesting aspect of the survey is the “App Monetisation” panel.

I think the data here confirms what we intuitively already know – if you release your app on more platforms, all things being equal, you will have higher average monthly revenue. This is simply because you can expose your product to a larger unit demand. In other words, the ultimate app is the one that can quickly, easily and cheaply be consumed by users in across all of the walled gardens.

In the case of the survey, the smallest percentage of developers expose their app on 6 platforms but also capture significantly more revenue per month – nearly $5000.  If we flip the discussion around and talk about costs, while it is clear that more platforms equals more revenue, the cost drivers here are going to be significantly higher unless you employ some sort of cross platform toolset, and HTML5/JavaScript seems to fit this bill quite nicely.

What about Enterprises apps? We think that the combination of HTML5 for Enterprise app development coupled with an API management solution forms the basis of a reference architecture for low cost, cross-platform app development but if we tie in this new data from Visionmobile, it seems that independent developers may also have a lot to gain from HTML5/Javascript tools when it comes to putting money into their own pocket. If you missed the webinar on this subject, be sure to check it out here.




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