New Mobile Middleware Whitepaper

The transition from a browser-only world to the mobile app proliferation of today, necessitates a host of new considerations when it comes to securing the enterprise network.  Our latest whitepaper, “A Unified Mobile Architecture for the Modern Data Center,” analyzes the mobile application landscape and what it means for the prevalent multi-tier architecture, which for some time has been tailored around browsers as the main entry point.  As RESTful API calls surpass traditional web traffic for the largest app providers, this concern becomes even more immediate.

With the understanding that most enterprise networks are a mix of both on premise and cloud-based solutions, this whitepaper takes this viewpoint as the basis for its analysis.  Given the heterogeneity of the mobile app landscape in terms of platforms and operating systems, each with their own unique programming language and set of best practices there is an added layer of complexity in adapting existing enterprise architecture for this new mobile user base.

Andy Thurai

About Andy Thurai

Andy Thurai is Chief Architect and Group CTO of Application Security and Identity Products with Intel, where he is responsible for architecting SOA, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Governance, Security, and Identity solutions for their major corporate customers. In his role, he is responsible for helping Intel/McAfee field sales, technical teams and customer executives. Prior to this role, he has held technology architecture leadership and executive positions with L-1 Identity Solutions, IBM (Datapower), BMC, CSC, and Nortel. His interests and expertise include Cloud, SOA, identity management, security, governance, and SaaS. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering and has over 25+ years of IT experience.

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